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Join the Association men on whom His favour rests

Fr. Livio Tonello, director

Christmas has always been for us the feast that families celebrate together: Christmas is the feast of man and of his family. Jesus came into the world into a family like many others over the centuries. Christmas is the feast of children, of every child that is in every adult, that is why it evokes childhood memories. Anyhow Christmas is not only the celebration to gather with family. We must restore the message of the Christmas Gospel that invites us to rediscover and celebrate God’s love of which greatest expression is the gift of his Son for the salvation of mankind. It was because of love, the love of the Father for us that he gave his only son for our redemption, for everybody’s redemption the good and the bad. Not only for those who have “good will” and the intention to do good but for everybody! Because God loves everyone, the saints and the sinners, the good and the bad. Here again the touching message of the incarnation: a truth that disturbs us, that makes us feel uncomfortable and that maybe makes us angry because God seems to be too good. Some people think that the pandemic is a…

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