Holy Masses

Ordinary Holy Masses

With the Universal Association of Saint Anthony it is possible to have Holy Masses said ordinary (una tantum), both for your own intentions and for the souls of your dear deceased ones.

The minimum offering for each Mass, indicated by the Diocese of Padua, is € 10.00.

Society for Daily Masses for the Dead

All the deceased enrolled in the Society enjoy the celebration of daily Masses. It is possible also the enrolement of living people: the daily Masses will be celebrated after their death. So as to be enrolled it is sufficient to send the name and surname of the deceased person for whom one wishes Masses to be celebrated.

The offering is free, but possibly not inferior to € 25.00.

The inscription of both the deceased and the living to the Society for Daily Masses is an act of charity towards the deceased and it will be certified with a document testifying to the inscription in the registers.

Holy Gregorian Masses

It is a cycle of thirty Holy Masses in suffrage of a dead person which will be celebrated once daily for thirty consecutive days. They may be required also for the living, provided that the cycle will start after the dead.

The offering is € 500.00. A special certificate will be forwarded to the applicant.