«Charity is the soul of faith, it gives it life;
without love, faith dies»

Saint Anthony of Padua

lascito solidale giornata internazionale

The Universal Association of St. Anthony, Via Cappelli 28, 35123 Padova,  Fiscal code n° 92028720289, can receive legacies and donations.

Legacies and donations are important sources for our Charities. The Universal Association of St. Anthony accepts legacies, personal properties and real estates and it can also be declared beneficiary to an insurance policy.

It is possible to stipulate the legacy at any moment in one’s life.

It can be re-written every time one desires to do so, or be modified with a simple side-note. It only has affect at the death of the testator and at that moment the most recent edition has value.

To be absolutely guaranteed that one’s last will and testament be respected it is possible to nominate an executor whom one trusts, one who is competent and capable of  carrying out your will and testament with the heirs and legatees and the Universal Association of St. Anthony.

For all further information write to: amministrazione@santodeimiracoli.org Thank you.

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