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Faith becomes a smile

fr. Antonio Ramina

When you are a child and you receive an unexpected present probably your first reaction is to smile. Certainly this happens to adults too but the light in children’s eyes communicates the strength of the surprise. Smiling is a sign of happiness, a discreet joy at the beginning and so unexpected that it needs time to be reflected on. It seems that these were St. Anthony’s thoughts when he spoke about Christmas: a big joy, a surprising joy that needs a profound reflection. Let’s listen to his words: “To day we have heard the angels saying: ‘those who listen will smile with me’. Therefore let’s smile and rejoice with the Virgin Mary because God has given us the smile, the reason to smile and to rejoice with her and in her: ‘To day the Saviour is born’. If someone was going to die or if he was condemned to life imprisonment and one would tell him: someone who will save you has arrived! Would not he be happy? Would not he rejoice?

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