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Why is Jesus born every year?

Br. MichaelDavide Semeraro

Every year I look forward to the Christmas holidays, especially because I always manage to get my grandparents to bring me the gifts I want, even more so than on my birthday. I said it jokingly to my mum and she at first replied that I receive the gifts, but the real guest of honour is actually Jesus because we remember his birth and therefore it’s his birthday. Then, after seeing her reflect a little, she said that we do not just celebrate the memory of the birth of Jesus, but that every year we celebrate his true birth. But how is it possible that Jesus is born again every year? Does it depend on the fact that every year he dies and rises again? Sophia It depends on the fact that the Lord Jesus was born, died and rose once and for all in time, but now he is alive forever. The resurrection is the reason why he lives within us and is present among us when we gather in his name or are able to live according to the Gospel. Every time we celebrate Christmas, we remember his birth and, according to our language, we celebrate his birthday.…

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