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Why that sentence?

Br. MichaelDavide Semeraro

Jesus is considered the best and fairest person who ever existed on earth. But then I ask myself: why was he condemned to death on the cross if he did not do anything bad at all? Is it possible that those who judged him were so blind as not to notice the serious error they were making? Charlotte Yes, sometimes we humans are so afraid of letting ourselves be invited to be better people that we become a bit bad. The fact that Jesus preached love to everyone and in every situation meant that some people were so afraid that they had to become as good as Him that they considered Him a dangerous person. Not everyone agreed with the condemnation of Jesus to death, some friends and some women accompanied him and loved him until the end. Certainly we can hope that even the enemies of Jesus who had him crucified understood in their hearts that they had made a mistake and we are sure that the Lord forgave them. Sometimes we become blind and it is necessary for someone to light up the light of a greater love... You can do this too!

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