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Where does the cross lead to?

Elide Siviero

To describe a long and difficult situation, a painful trial we say that it is our “Via Crucis” . This expression comes from Jesus’ Passion but it only places the suffering in the centre of the Via Crucis By doing this we do not specify which kind of suffering: it is just “a via crucis”... and this so called “via crucis” belittles the profound meaning of our Lord’s Passion and the pious Christian devotion. Indeed along the path of the Passion each of Jesus’ afflictions is a grain of wheat of mankind’s future joy, each mockery is a promise of glory. Each meeting along this path of suffering is an occasion for a supreme teaching, for a last gaze, for a total gift of reconciliation and peace”. So, the centre of the Via Crucis is not about how much Jesus suffered but his immense love: he died for us. (continue)

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