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The Gospel makes Nazareth its dwelling

suor Marzia Ceschia

In the first centuries of Christianity the Annunciation was celebrated on March 25 - nine months after December 25 - commemorating the belief that the spring equinox was not only the day of God’s creation but also the beginning of Christ’s redemption. This liturgical solemnity traces back to the VI century and Pope Sergius I introduced the celebration of this feast at the end of VII century in Rome. On that day he also introduced a procession to the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore where the monks devoted themselves to the worship of Mary’s divine maternity that was dogmatically proclaimed Mother of God (Theotokos) by the Council of Ephesus (431 A.D.). On this day the Liturgy of the Church invites the faithful to meditate on the central moment of the history of salvation and on the origin of the Gospel novelty: first of all the announcement was made “in the sixth month” (Luke 1,26). (continue)

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