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st anthony magazine jul aug 2022
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The pleasure to be read

Fr. Livio Tonello, director

reading importance

Dear readers, I address myself to you who are reading this article. Maybe to day it is hot, maybe you are sitting under a leafy tree or on a sofa... maybe you are worried about something or you are waiting for something... Reading adds endless benefits to our daily lives and maybe summer is the perfect time to read as we have more time. But reading is not only a form of entertainment: reading changes our lives. This does not concern only a page of the Gospel (that maybe is not here) but all the books we read. Reading builds a relationship between the author and the reader, when we read books the stories in them transport us from the world we are in to the world within the pages of the book. Reading does not only improve our knowledges but it changes us. The knowledge learned by reading books does not depend on their number but on the books that “have read us”. There are some books that may influence and change our lives. After reading we are not the same as before because if you let them, books can change your whole life, give you an interesting insight…

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