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From fear to the attention of the heart

Monica Cornali

heart rate and emotions

Human beings have always had worries and anxieties. The difference between what is normal or pathological are the over-anxieties that have a negative impact on the psychosocial structures of people. In my opinion the psychological analysis must be framed into a context of spiritual values. In the Psalms the faithful express their worries and anxieties and they have at the same time an attitude of trust and abandonment to God. In the New Testament Jesus shows us the regal way to live without worrying and he exhorts us to analyse our priorities; in reality if we accept to listen to ourselves and to our worries they will reveal to us our feelings and emotions beyond what we express with words. Jesus calls us to the conversion of our hearts in a profound meaning, to invest in eternity, to accumulate treasures in heaven. In the book of Tobias there is a good manner to be worried and the Divine Providence calms the worries...

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