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Justice comes out from truth

suor Anna Maria Borghi

saint anthony god trust

“In God whose words I praise, in God I trust” (Psalm 56,10): Saint Anthony’s father could have pronounced these words with amazement at the end of the drama represented on the third high relief of the Arch in St. Anthony’s Basilica in Padua. D. Cattaneo and G. Campagna sculpted the miraculous moment when St. Anthony revived a young man to prove the innocence of his father falsely accused of having murdered him. This young man had been killed by some rivals who had buried him in the garden of the Saint’s family. Saint Anthony was miraculously transported from Padua to Lisbon to defend his father’s innocence: he had the exhumed corpse taken to the court room, he revived the young man and asked him who had killed him. To the amazement of all the corpse sat up and clearly said the name of the murderer and attested the innocence of Anthony’s father who was freed at once...

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