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The glass and the intact faith

suor Anna Maria Borghi

the word of saint anthony

We often hear people say: “God tested me”. In difficult and hard situations we often say: “God is testing me”... as if he wants to check our faith... And we often add that by suffering we will get a little corner in heaven! On the contrary we often try God almost as if to challenge his reliability provoking him to prove himself and his love for us... instead of trusting in him and in his promise! It is similar to what happened to Aleardino da Salvaterra, the protagonist of the second last high relief on the walls of the Chapel of the Arch. The episode represented took place after Saint Anthony’s death (1231): This man who always despised Catholics believing them to be ignorant, while dining threw his glass to the floor affirming that he would believe in the miracles performed by St. Anthony only if the glass did not break. The sources say that the hard tiles on which it fell broke instead of the glass. As to underline: it really is a miracle!

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