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Mother and child between life and freedom

Br. MichaelDavide Semeraro

Over the last few days I have been worrying about my daughter who is five months pregnant: she seemed to be suffering from severe complications but thanks God the situation is back to normal. I entrust myself to God with prayers awaiting the birth of my first grand-daughter. My daughter is calm and full of hope and has decided to continue her pregnancy even though abortion could have been a possibility. Still some friends, members of the family and the medical staff spoke about the possibility of having an abortion with superficiality. In the recent debate about abortion in the world it seems that Pope Francis is the most balanced focusing on this problem with these words: “is it right to entrust a killer to eliminate a human life?”. Certainly women decide to have an abortion for different and delicate reasons but I ask myself why the right to life before birth is not equal to that of the mother. L.B. I pray with you for your daughter’s pregnancy hoping that you will celebrate the joy of the new birth. Abortion is a big problem and it is difficult to define it in all the situations and in all the…

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