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How much darkness facing death

Editorial Staff

I am becoming convict that prayer is useless: I prayed with intensity all my life until when my father died from the Coronavirus some months ago. I think that God does not want to listen to me: I feel alone and at the mercy of the fate. And now I am even more afraid. M.B. I understand and respect your dismay but at the same time I ask you to allow me to disagree with you: we are not at the mercy of the fate but we are born mortal with a vocation to eternity. Your father’s death, like so many of those who have died from the Coronavirus leads us to take a deeper look into life and death , that is a natural and necessary passage; despite being in immense pain for the loss and for the separation love remains for ever. The love that is faithful to our human condition must take death into account and not allow despair to kill our humanity. The mystery of Easter that we have recently celebrated is none other than this! After these reflections I would like to add few words: our prayer to God as Jesus has taught us that…

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