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On the side of hope

Fr. Livio Tonello, director

Accidents happen along the way of life: illness, mourning, suffering, abandonment... There are those who lose their jobs, those who separate, those who suffer injustice. Personal limits and human relationships lead to this. Some more, some less. In the face of broken dreams and unfulfilled expectations, the risk of giving up and surrendering is always lurking. It is not for the majority of people who manage to start over, to find motivation, to believe that it is possible to start over. On the other hand, we have only one chance in life, only one opportunity: the one that is now given to us. That’s why determination, strong motivations, great ideals are required: despite everything! The experience of Jesus was not very different from what could happen to us. He remains alone, at the end of an intense journey in which he welcomed, healed, forgiven, made good. Not even the company of his parents: only his mother and a few women. A story that seems a failure if we don’t consider the resurrection. The Easter event takes place to give voice to the value of life that never dies. The best intentions may wreck, the most beautiful dreams may vanish, but…

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