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What is the impact of real life on marriage?

Monseigneur Giampaolo Dianin, bishop

married life

The engagement period cannot replace the challenge of marriage. Married life is not always easy but the first years are the hardest because they are a time of joy and enthusiasm for living together and realising dreams and projects. But they are also a time of the “gestation” of the mature couple. Pope Francis writes: “It is all the more essential that couples be helped during the first years of their married life to enrich and deepen their conscious and free decision to have, hold and love one another for life. Often the engagement period is not long enough, the decision is precipitated for various reasons and, what is even more problematic, the couple themselves are insufficiently mature. As a result, the newly married couple need to complete a process that should have taken place during their engagement” (AL 217).

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