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“The good strength” is the confidence in our Lord

suor Anna Maria Borghi

Two men are needed to try to calm a violent man in anger: one of them holds him around his hips while the other grabs his arm brandishing the knife with which he has already stabbed his wife. She lies lifeless on the floor: life has left her arms like it has left her body sculpted in the marble; only the man’s brutal grasp on her torn clothes still seems to resist... to resist to hit again.

This wonderful high relief sculpted with crude realism on one of the walls of the Chapel of the Arch represents the moment of the aggression: the biographic sources say that later the man began to regret his beastly behaviour and ran to St. Anthony who was living in the city in that period: he begged St Anthony to come and help his poor wife. The Saint asked God to give the dying woman life and thanks to his intercession the Lord healed the woman who rose well again...

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