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Beautiful things happen every day

Br. MichaelDavide Semeraro

Before the image of Jesus on the cross representing the weakness of mankind we are moved while meditating about God’s endless love for each one of us. But terrible things happen: the student of Columbia University stabbed by an unknown petty criminal; a young woman who recently died because of a methane-gas explosion with the child she was carrying (that would have been born the following week). Director, are we at the mercy of fate? It looks like it. I do not think that this statement is blasphemous: a part from that, however, it is important that our Lord receives us in his peace... Therefore let us not speak about the divine plan for each of us as I often hear: it can be really difficult to accept this affirmation. G.F. We are not at the mercy of fate but we are part of the world and we can experience difficult and sometimes incomprehensible times. Our Lord created the world with an act of great generosity allowing the order of things to evolute and to grow in freedom. To grow is God’s first and fundamental commandment. But despite this growth in freedom implies effort and sometimes impieties. God’s plan for…

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