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It is not easy to make sacrifices but this reduces risks of conflict

Monseigneur Giampaolo Dianin, bishop

We are wondering about the first years of marriage that are a a very special and decisive time during which couples become more aware of the challenges and of the meaning of marriage. We have already spoken about the “purification of the reasons of the choices” because some choices can be superficial and conditioned by young age. We will now analyse the “creative sacrifice” because each choice implies giving up something else. In life we can make certain choices only by sacrificing other possibilities. For example: I choose to get married to a person and I turn down anybody else I find attractive; I choose to live in your country and I move from mine where I live well and I have many friends; I choose to be a housewife and to take care of the children because it was our common choice but I sacrifice a professional and promising realization...

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