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The beginning of a new story

Fr. Carlo Broccardo

Looking back I noted that in 17 years (yes, we started in December 2006) we have never analysed a passage of the Acts of the Apostles! How strange! Also because we often read the book of the Acts of the Apostles during Easter liturgy. Never mind! We will try to regain lost ground by devoting time to this reading throughout the year 2024. Let us begin with the first page of this book that we usually read 40 days after Easter when we celebrate Jesus’ Ascension to heaven. We will not leave alone the disciples on the Olivet Mount but we will accompany them to Jerusalem where a new story begins. Yes, because the Acts of the Apostles tell us a new story. Jesus is not the main character any more except in the first chapter where he appears for the last time on this earth before ascending to heaven. (continue)

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