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After the hard work the feeling of injustice

Br. MichaelDavide Semeraro

I am going through moments of despair, anger and desolation as I feel like a victim of God. In my life I have always listened to the voice of my heart and helped others. I took care of my parents sacrificing everything for eight years, And after all that I lost my good health. Even now if someone needs to be listened to or comforted I am ready to help. But beside all this I somehow feel “persecuted” by little accidents and illnesses which have brought me down. I live alone and for me my health is fundamental; I do not suffer from loneliness and I have a lot of different interests but I cannot cultivate them any more due to my bad health... I do not think that all this is right and I am rebelling against this situation. But I still have a little dose of self criticism and I ask myself: was I wrong? C.V. I do not think that you were wrong and that you are wrong now. I understand your anger, your suffering due to your frustration. I would like to remind you of a sentence written by Saint Bernard de Clairvaux: “Love is enough…

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