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Poverty: or, the joy of sharing

fr. Antonio Ramina

Perhaps we all remember the physical principle of communicating vessels. At school, when we were kids, they used to tell us about it. Trying to express it in a somewhat hasty way, one could explain it as follows: if a liquid is poured inside some containers connected to each other - communicating, in fact - one can observe that this liquid, at the top, levels off along the same surface line; that is, it spontaneously distributes itself evenly. This is a physical phenomenon.

But Saint Anthony knows well that this principle could also work with regard to the goods possessed by people. In his time, as in every age, our Saint observed that wealth was distributed in an extremely unfair way; and this injustice was caused by the fact that many people lived closed in on themselves, separated from one another: they were not “communicating”. The riches were in the hands of a few, they were not distributed fairly. A story of all time; even today, unfortunately.

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