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Isn’t it enough to be good?

Editorial Staff

I have made my mum angry again! Some time ago my parish priest invited to confession all the junior high school students who attend catechism (there are not many of us, actually). I did not really want to go to confession, because it was a sunny afternoon and I was thinking to meet my friends and also because I never know what to say to the priest. I am sure to be a good guy with a lot of friends who love me because they are always looking for me. Mum, on the other hand, has scolded me and for several days she has brought up the argument to persuade me to go to church. According to her, it is a matter of asking God’s forgiveness for what I may have committed at home, at school, with friends. But can’t I ask Jesus directly for forgiveness? Why do I need to go and tell a priest? Max My dearest, there are two things to clear up. First of all, if there are any aspects of your life you have to ask God forgiveness for. In this sense it is not a question of going or not going to confession, but…

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