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Is there really only one boat?

Editorial Staff

In his famous homily on Good Friday Pope Francis, meditating on the terrible experience that the world is going through, used the phrase “we are all in the same boat”. Then, in a social club, I found a photo that showed some kids from an African village, barefoot and in poor clothing, wearing their makeshift mask made with a rag on their face. As a comment there was the following sentence: “We are not all in the same boat. We are inside the same storm, but in different boats...”. I agree with that but I live with a certain sense of guilt the idea that the Pope should be “corrected”. Gladys The words you quote are those pronounced by Pope Francis in the prayer of March 27 th 2020. Actually, as always since the beginning of his Petrine ministry as Bishop of Rome, pope Francis continually reminds us that our humanity is called to rediscover its own radical unity. In these days of pandemic, several times Pope Francis has asked not to forget those who suffer from our own disease, but in a much more painful way. He has also asked lots of times not to forget the other sufferings,…

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