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“I see my Lord!”

suor Anna Maria Borghi

In the last few months we have admired the magnificent high reliefs on the walls of the Chapel of the Arch: in this month we will get closer to the spiritual heart of the shrine and we will put our hand on the tombstone accompanying with silent prayer this characteristic gesture expressing the need for a tangible contact with the Saint “beyond the stone”. This reminds us of the gesture of the woman afflicted with haemorrhages of whom Mark speaks in his Gospel: “She said, ‘If I but touch his clothes, I shall be cured’” (Marc 5,27). And she was cured! But the story continues. Jesus wants to see her despite the large crowd pressing upon him. “The woman, realizing what had happened to her, approached in fear and trembling. She fell down before Jesus and told him the whole truth”, the personal encounter with Jesus heals her and saves her in an unexpected manner... (continue)

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