Universal Association of Saint Anthony and Banco Alimentare

In these weeks of serious health crisis, the Universal Association of Saint Anthony has decided to support the activities of Banco Alimentare (Food Bank) in Lombardy and Veneto, as always in the forefront in the recovery of food surpluses and free distribution to local charity organizations.

The current emergency has required that in recent weeks Banco Alimentare's ordinary operations be accompanied by support for extraordinary projects and initiatives. Thanks to the collaboration with Municipalities and Civil Protection, some temporary local hubs have been opened and volunteers from Associations and operators have set to work in several Municipalities. In this way, they try to give food assistance to a growing number of people and families in need now more than ever.

From today and until the end of the health emergency, the Universal Association of Saint Anthony will support Banco Alimentare to meet the logistical costs of recovering and distributing 420,000 meals to people and families with children in poverty through local charity structures. Every EURO donated will cover the logistical costs of 21 meals.

You can contribute with your donation on our website:


indicating as reason for payment COVID-19 emergency.

Help to tackle the emergency through a concrete gesture that will reach many people and families in difficulty.

You can do a lot with very little!