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Healed wounds

Fr. Livio Tonello, director

The life always “offers” us some wounds. Some of them heal some others do not. Their scars remind us of our battles and our victories. But some wounds never heal. St. Thomas reach out and touched the wounded body of the risen Christ. We can read this symbolical gesture not only in the light of the faith but also as an invitation to look to the past serenely. Because the wounds on Jesus’ body do not bleed any more. They are the signs of the violence he endured but they do not leave traces on the soul. They are “redeemed wounds”. They open up to the future because they are still open but they do not bleed. This is an Easter message that we can take in after the long months that have just disrupted our lives. And now we have the war in Ukraine adding suffering that will remain etched in the heart of children, mothers and the elderly due to loss, loneliness and frustration. Each scar tells a story to share. But they also have a positive meaning not to be forgotten. The body continues to remember and the marks of suffering trace the paths, the turning points,…

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