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This space was created for those who want to invoke the help of Saint Anthony leaving a personal prayer.

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The work of the holy masses facilitates a moment of spirituality towards ourselves or other living or deceased persons, an act of personal charity.


Luna from Miami

I pray for my boyfriend that everything with him will go good and also that every our problems will be fixed.
I hope in his return here in my same city and i also pray that when i ll leave he will stay with me and have kids with me.

Catherine Benincasa from Edmonton

Please pray for my children, Christopher and Caterina McMorran who have been alienated from me by their father; to be healed from the brainwashing and come back to be in my life and again have a close, loving relationship with me.

Josie DeFranco from Brampton

Pray for repose of all my deceased.
Pray for my brother-in-law for the death of his wife. Pray that Mario Colalillo learns to handle Mary's departure without getting sick.
A prayer for all my deceased. help my brother-in-law with the death of his wife and my sister.

Giovanni e Anna D. from Bartlett, IL USA

Please pray for healing for Giovanni after having suffered a stroke. He also is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Pray for Anna as she takes care of him---for strength and patience.
Also, please pray for their commara, Lucia, as she has passed away on June 30, 2022. A donation will be submitted to have a mass dedicated to her please. Thank you, so much!


Dear Saint Anthony, intercede for me by asking God to heal my cancer.

Santina Pastore from Melbourne Australia

San Antonio preghi per me e tutta la mia famiglia. Ringrazio per un miracole che ha fatto.

Mariangela Albano from King City

Dearest Saint of Miracles,
Please stand beside me as I walk the difficult road of Cancer. I ask that you give me the strength, courage and grace to face and conquer this illness. Comfort my husband, my children and my mother and reassure us all that I will be with them for many, many years to come. Please keep my family in your prayers and in your arms. Amen

Giuseppina, Maria and Franco DeChiara from Toronto, Ontario

Dear St. Anthony,

We want to thank you for all your blessings and miracles. We ask you protect us and keep us healthy and safe.

We love you very much

From Giuseppina, Maria and Franco DeChiara

Cintia Falcao from Mairipora, San Paolo, Brasile

Per la mia famiglia, mio papa, mia mamma e io! Protezione, Salute, Benedizione! Grazie!

Maria from London

Please pray for me. I need peace in my house.

Santina Pastore from Melbourne, Australia

Please pray for Carmine Pastore and Claudio Mongelli. May they rest in peace

Catherine Benincasa from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Please pray for my children, Christopher and Caterina McMorran who have been alienated from me by their father; to be healed from the brainwashing and come back to be in my life without abusing me and to restore the close, loving relationship that we had.

Catherine from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Please pray for my mother, Maria Grazia Benincasa, who passed away last year on April 6, 2018. She was a member of your association for several years. And please pray for my father, Tommaso Benincasa, who passed away on June 8, 1998.

Jessie from Toronto

Please pray for my daughter Daniela and Roberto. They have been trying for baby for almost 7 years now. Please pray for a beautiful healthy child for them.