It accompanies the children towards a serene future

How does “Casa del Fanciullo” in Via Santonini grow, a structure lapped by the river Santa Chiara, bordering on the garden of the Conventual friars which then gives space, on the south side, to the magnificent bulk of the Basilica! Here: greenery, tranquillity broken only by the murmur of the once rich waters of the port that used to sail the boats of the convent in Padua and Venice, the sweet sound of bells and the golden angel that, in the name of the Saint, watches over from the most ethereal pinnacle over all, especially over those who need help and over those who work with dedication and professionalism for his protectors! “Casa dei Buoni Fanciulli” took its name when Fr. Giuseppe Paccagnella founded it (31 May 1922) with the support of some religious and Mrg. Guido Bellincini, first director of our Association and representative of the bishop of Padua.

The title indicated the result to be achieved by the little ones, orphans of the First World War, through the support of educators in love with Christ. At that time, it was a matter of educating the children in the compulsory school and then starting them to a job that would allow them to lead a dignified life for themselves and the family. Now the Association has adapted to modern needs and offers, within suitable structures perfectly in accordance with the law, many opportunities to prepare dozens of children and young people for a happy future.

“Casa del Fanciullo” relies on the generosity of sensitive people and the Universal Association of Saint Anthony has always been close to it. “On the contrary—underlines the architect Umberto De Luca of the Board of Directors, composed of five qualified lay members, one of whom acts as President—we are grateful to you, counting you among our historical benefactors. Although linked to the Diocese of Padua in the spirit and in the Christian principles, as well as by a serene relationship, our Work does not receive any grant or contribution.

The social and charitable activities are financed by the ‘commercial’ ones (a contribution for the parking lots and the use of the gym and the cultural activity rooms for the outside), always animated by the charitable spirit that has distinguished us for 100 years. We hope that Providence will always use the hands of private benefactors and public or private bodies”.

- Is Fr. Orlando Galiazzo, for many years Director, still present? “A figure of reference for religious and spiritual activities, he represents the historical memory of the House, embodying the feelings of welcome and charity instilled by the Founder. These characteristics remain the foundation of the Work, updated to the new needs that come from the world of adolescents, young people and poverty”.

- Have you expanded your range of activities? “There are some new ones. We have closed the kindergarten for children and no longer host refugees seeking asylum to leave room for the project “Unaccompanied minors”, which is dedicated to the building “Casa Carolina”. This commitment was appreciated by the Bishop of Padua. The University College now has 38 beds divided into single and double rooms, with private bathrooms, spacious and bright. We offer a self-catering service and other common areas for study, recreation and sports. The activities are many and we use volunteers and trainees, very appreciated and useful, paying then some employees engaged in educational services, reception, maintenance, concierge and administration”. Dear supporters, keep helping “Casa del Fanciullo”, placed under the protection of our Saint!


by the Editorial Staff