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St. Anthony in the Sermones wrote: “Nothing is more precious than time and, unfortunately, nowadays nothing is less appreciated. The Lord granted you, man, time so that you could earn salvation and you appropriated the time you have been given and wasted it. But, believe me! The Lord will ask back what belongs to him and he will do justice”. We waste time because we do not appreciate it and consider it only in a chronological sense, that is a series of unconnected events. And so we think we can manage time and keep our tasks under control. Instead we become slaves to our timetables. We subdivide our time into minutes, hours, days and weeks and we let ourselves be dominated by their strict deadlines. But the Gospel tells us different things, of fullness of time (Mk 1, 15; Gal 4, 4; Ep 1, 10). What we are looking for is already here. The fullness of time is the right time for an event to take place, the right time to experience an emotion, it is the harvest time and that to give thanks for the harvest. History is not a series of events that interrupt what we “have” to…

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