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These seven saints who intercede for us

Editorial Staff

I was very touched by Pope Francis’s apostolic journey to Iraq, by his courage to travel despite concerns about the pandemic and the security, by his words of peace, of reconciliation and hope, by the images of the wonderful places (enchanting and destroyed) and by the melodies that fascinated me. On his return trip the Pope expressed his sentiment of respect for the great Ayatollah Al-Sistani with whom he had met adding that he had found Sistani to be “a great man of wisdom, a man of God”. Then he added: “wise people are everywhere because the wisdom of God is everywhere in the world”. So I asked myself: are Saints only venerated by the Catholic Church or do they also exist (maybe called in different ways) in the tradition of Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism? F.C. Saints are venerated by all religions under different names but with the same devotion, respect and gratitude for their teaching and for the example of their lives. The Jewish people venerate the Rabbis who are scholars of the Holy Scriptures. Muslims built special graves on the burial grounds in honour of those who had been spiritual masters to follow the Islamic precepts, especially the…

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