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The mystery of the apparitions

Editorial Staff

I have never had much sympathy for the alleged apparitions of Our Lady which many people, undoubtedly with sincere adhesion, believe to be true. And the many secrets attached to some of those apparitions have never interested me, neither to exalt me nor to frighten me. But the mystery always fascinates me and I believe that it is part of the faith as the heart—which a Hungarian writer called “hidden from God so that no one might see it”—is part of the life of the body.


The apparitions—real or presumed—around which great devotion is normally unleashed are a sign of compassion, especially for the simplest and most suffering people. The devotion that is expressed in so many ways, sometimes even a little difficult to understand, is an expression of the human heart always thirsty for transcendence and in need of consolation and comfort. The Lord responds tenderly to the particular need of every human heart.