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Faith does not look at colour

Editorial Staff

For weeks we saw on TV and in the newspapers images of the heated protest against racism called “Black lives matter”, which broke out in the USA and then around the world following the violent death of George Floyd, brutally stopped by the police. On such occasions, I have not heard associations, movements, or Church figures organise marches, demonstrations, or conferences to condemn racism, but personally, I have not felt the need to do so. And I say this because in my opinion the Church must be recognised that her message and her witness have always been in favour of inclusion and respect for people of all skin colours. Certainly, in the past the Church has not been free from errors in this regard, it is enough to mention the period of the “conquistadores”, but even then, when the European man was still developing a mentality of respect towards the “new world”, it seems to me that the Church has always tried to promote the integration and development of every person. Do you share my opinion? M.N. Dear friend, I think I can share your opinion about the usual tendency of the Church to favour integration between races, cultures, and…

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