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The bees are a symbol of wisdom, let us learn from them!

suor Anna Maria Borghi

the bees symbol of wisdom

During the last years we have learned to take care of our body by eating a healthy balanced diet, exercising as often as we can and reducing stress. Certainly Saint Anthony does not suggest a way to be fit but he may suggest to us how to take care of our thoughts, a sort of “balanced diet” for our soul. Let us read a passage from his Sermons: “Think that bees make wax from flowers, they carry it on their hind legs (….) When they fly the bees do not look for different flowers but they focus on one kind of flower , then they return to the hive and they work, they live off their work: (...) oh, you who are curious looking for different directions, do not follow the example of the ants but of the bees that can teach you the wisdom. Bees do not focus on different flowers. Act like bees and do not focus on the flowers of different words, do not move from a flower to another as those who criticise the sermons do: they control each word, they browse through unimportant books and they do not achieve true science. On the contrary draw…

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