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Prayer as a “luxury”

Br. MichaelDavide Semeraro

Some time ago I read your reply to a woman who had expressed her difficulty in praying due to the many distractions. It made me smile: I am the mother of three children and, to make ends meet and help my husband’s salary, I work as a home-help for a wealthy family in the afternoons. I start in the morning and rush through the day arriving exhausted in the evening. At times I would like to have this time to pray, which I consider to be a luxury. What can I do? T.C. My dear friend, your smile has also made me smile. Yes, at times a spiritual life is really a luxury. I often think of this when I reflect on my monastic life. At times we boast that we make sacrifices for the Lord and we are praised for our radical choice of life. To tell the truth, when we come across the ordinary lives, of people like you, who not only have to make ends meet, with dignity, but have to be ready to face the needs of your children, then, I blush with shame. You ask me what you can do. I am tempted to advise…

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