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Popular, that means authentic

Fr. Livio Tonello, director

February is a particularly important month for the Universal Association of St. Anthony as on Tuesday 15th we celebrate the feast of the Saint’s Tongue. This celebration is the most important one dedicated to our Saint after the June 13 feast. It recalls an event which occurred more than 750 years ago when Anthony ‘s tongue was found intact despite the fact that the Saint had passed away over 30 years previously. It is a special date for millions of people who consider Saint Anthony their patron saint, their friend and a witness. In every catholic church of the world there is a statue or an image of the Thaumaturge, one of the most popular saints in the Catholic church: this is really a miracle without overshadowing other saints What is the meaning of this spiritual fervour and of the different forms of devotion? The theologians call it “popular piety”, that means religion of the people. The popular religiosity is an authentic expression of the Christian faith even if it is not a part of the official liturgy. liturgy and worship are the expressions of Christian tradition with which we give praise to the Lord. On the other hand popular…

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