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Fr. Livio Tonello, director

A new year begins, in the company, as always, of our “great saint Anthony”. This is the expression often used by a friend of the Association to remember the greatness of friar Anthony, who became famous for his speeches and miracles. Perhaps someone will wonder if miracles still happen. Whether there is still the possibility of having special graces, divine favours that go beyond the knowledge and hopes that technology and medicine offer us. I can testify that God’s providential action exists and is manifested through the intercession of the saints. I see this daily in the experiences of the members of the Association who write and telephone me to share their sufferings and joys. Miracles are not only physical: there are spiritual miracles, relational miracles, linked to motivations and values. Not always you will obtain what you ask for. It is certain that the invocations, the requests addressed to Saint Anthony, the tears shed for a grace are not lost. God always accepts all the questions brought to him by the intercession of our holy friends. Something is given back to us in the form of courage, trust, solidarity, internal and material support... so that we can continue along…

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