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Fr. Livio Tonello, director

Time goes by and leaves events, achievements and dreams behind. The offer of this calendar brings to mind a fruitful and happy initiative that the Universal Association of Saint Anthony achieved in 1900: the benediction of the parish church of Chesnay-Rocquencourt (in Versailles, Paris) in honour of St. Anthony that was built thanks to the donation of a large sum of money made at the beginning by Don Antonio Locatelli on Pope Leo XIII’s recommendation.

In 2022 we wish to revive the memory of this long lasting relationship through the wonderful stained glass windows that show images of St. Anthony’s life. This year, month after month we will present some magnificent images for the following two reasons: the usual spiritual tribute to the good things carried out by the Thaumaturgist and the twinning with this French parish.

Here again the sign of the great diffusion of the Universal Association of St. Anthony committed to promote a devotion without borders of time and space and to spread the Gospel through charity work and the evangelisation. I would like to thank father Grégoire de Maintenant, the parish priest of the grouped parishes of Chesnay-Rocquencourt, who has permitted the reproduction of the stained glass windows of his church to accompany our days, month after month, with images and thoughts that nourish Christian life.

May the divine light shine bright in our hearts through the life and the teaching of Anthony, our patron saint, like the rays of the sun that filter through the stained glasses of the church.