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saint anthony jan feb 2023
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Are a few good people enough to save the world?

Br. MichaelDavide Semeraro

In these months marked by wars, violence and death (in Ukraine and in many regions of the world) I often ask to myself the question that resounds in a famous passage of the Bible: would God let mankind destroy the Earth because of the egoism and wickedness of a few people despite his respect for our freedom? Will he feel compassion for the good who are still left in the world as at the time of Ninive and the prophet Jonas? Unfortunately I must say that I do not glimpse a positive answer but only a possibility. What do you think about this? B.F. Paradoxically the fact of having started a war means that we have not yet been destroyed because God have given us a free will to no longer wage wars. On the contrary God’s grace, the foundation of the creation, is the expression of his total and almost absurd trust in mankind. Our Lord has kept and keeps the promise he made after the universal flood: we will always exercise our freedom. We must not do evil instead of good for fear of the divine punishment but because we are aware of all being brothers and sisters.…

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