WYD Panama 2019 Volunteers: The face of Christian charity

In the shadow of the 2019 World Youth Day in Panama, there are many volunteers, most of them young people who help and guide thousands of pilgrims, notwithstanding language barriers.

Florence Kacou is a young woman from the parish of St James in Cocody II Plateau, Archdiocese of Abidjan. She is one of many volunteers of the JECI, the international Catholic student youth deployed for the WYD in Panama. The service of volunteering involves, among other things, the cleaning and clearing of the sites, repairs, working in the infirmary and giving out information.

Volunteers at the WYD Panama 2019 registered on Online platforms from their home dioceses, and others through youth associations.

While in Panama, Florence has mostly been working as an information agent. She says its hard work but very fulfilling at the same time.

(Vatican News)