With the help of everyone the Home will be completed

We are pleased to return to talk about our and your project in India, in the village of Selvapuram (in the region of Tamil Nadu) where for more than two years we have been contributing decisively to the creation of a “Home for the Elderly”, thanks to the great act of solidarity of our friend Giuseppe Pippa.

His donation allowed us to start immediately with the work that, once completed, will give the opportunity to accommodate 60 patients in a suitable facility. We, dear readers, must do the rest so that the project can be carried out in all its areas, not only as a simple architectural structure.

And for that we would like to thank you for the donations you are continuing to send us. We have already provided you with the first news, thanks to the visit to India of Dr. Ilaria Urbinati, who on behalf of our Association follows the project undertaken by the Organization WEP (Welfare and Education for the Poor).

You will certainly be pleased to know, also through the photos attached to the article, how the work is constantly evolving, which proves that the money is well used for a meritorious work of Christian charity in favour of one of the poorest people on the planet, India.

Is the realization of the work in safe hands? “I have been able to see—says Ilaria—that the entire team involved in the project has unquestionable professionalism and that it is proceeding even though the funds available are still insufficient. In India, they rely heavily on Providence. The Indians are a proud people with a great historical, cultural and philosophical tradition behind them. The people I met showed a great spirit of hospitality towards me, to the point of moving me. The Church and the local population initially contributed a praiseworthy sum and now, together with the Sisters of Saint Joseph—who will direct the structure with the medical and assistance personnel—they are waiting to be able to finally live there”.

Does the “Home for the Elderly” have a familiar style? “Absolutely. Around 60 defenceless poor and destitute sick will have a secure place to enjoy old age in a serene environment. They will have adequate nutrition, exercise and quality health care. Their tender love and care will lead to a more pleasant life, free from anxiety and depression. The care facility will provide free food and clothing, as well as regular medical check-ups and health care”.

Is the government following and facilitating the realization of the “Home”? “The local government is following the progress of bureaucratic procedures, permits and the state of progress. The central Hindu government is suspicious of the works carried out by Catholic bodies. The WEP Organization, which works mainly in poor places, mostly inhabited by Hindus, accepts the solidarity of the Western world and the Catholics”.


Editorial Staff