The crisis deepens in Venezuela

The crisis in Venezuela is deepening, as aid continues to be blocked and teargas is fired by the military near the Colombian border.

The Border with Colombia is sealed on the orders of President Nicolas Maduro. The Oppostion claim that two trucks with aid managed to get through from Brazil, which its leader Juan Guaido describes as a great achievement. Yet other reports indicate that they are still stranded in no man`s land.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says Nicolas Maduro`s tenure of power is weakening, that his days are numbered and he won`t be in power much longer. Yet the Military stays loyal to President Maduro, which remains the key to his power base.

Troops have fired tear gas near to the Colombian Border and aid as well as everything else is blocked. Two rival rock concerts over the weekend, entrenched on either side of short divide which in reality is a gulf.