In Cabo Verde, the Franciscan month of October is lived with great joy

In most communities on the Cabo Verdean islands of Santo Antão, São Vicente, São Nicolau, Santiago, Fogo and Brava, where the Franciscan Capuchins have a strong presence, the Franciscan spirit in October is joyfully commemorated.

Vatican News.

Starting on 1 October each year, the Franciscan office of Achada São Filipe, on the Island of Santiago, unfolds its October calendar of events and activities.

Children, teenagers, young people and adults from various parish groups come together for Franciscan-themed events and moments of reflection, prayer and socialisation.

The Transitus of Saint Francis.

This year, the Canticle of St Francis resounded in many parishes starting 1 October. In particular, various parish choir groups such as those from Ovelhinhas de Jesus, Santa Terezinha do Menino Jesus, São Francisco de Assis and Escuteiros met for a choral festival, Mass, blessing of the bread and celebration of the Transitus of St. Francis.

The Transitus of St. Francis is the annual celebration by Franciscans worldwide of the passing of St. Francis from this life to life with God. It is celebrated the night of 3 October, the eve of his feast day. The word “transitus” comes from the Latin, meaning passage or crossing.