A farm in support of Arul Home

Arul Home (House of Grace) was inaugurated in the community of Selvapuram, India, in order to accommodate 60 elderly people without family support. Since that beautiful day, despite the difficulties and the unexpected events related to the spread of COVID-19 which has hit India hard, our friends from WEP (Welfare and Education for the Poor) Association have never stopped working to start the activities of the House.

In addition to the organisation of services and the selection of users, jointly with the social and health authorities in the area, they thought of a project that could help them to bear part of the out-of-pocket costs of the structure, since the guests—already in precarious conditions—are only asked for a small contribution.

This gave rise to the idea of a farm attached to the House, where to raise cows and process milk to produce yoghurt, ghee (typical Indian butter), and dairy products. The project includes the construction of a small stable and the purchase of ten cows. The planned activities are milking, milk processing, and the production of dairy products, which will be used partly for the House, partly for sale. In addition to this, the activity of the farm will allow the use of the cows’ excrements to activate the small biogas plant, already set up, to supply part of the energy needed for the House.

The best thing about the project is that it is designed in a perspective of sustainability, with the direct involvement of the guests in the activities of the farm, each according to their ability. As we mentioned several times, one of the objectives of Arul Home is not only to give hospitality to elderly people left alone, but especially to enable them to live a life that is independent as possible, dignified, fulfilling, and serene.

Many of these guests will certainly have experienced the abandonment by family members, who left in search of a job, loneliness, anguish, and the fear of not making it. Having found a welcoming and hospitable place is certainly a source of great consolation for many. Arul Home wants to be for them not only a place of refuge but a community to which they belong and to which they can contribute. In order for all this to be made possible, a small gesture of solidarity is needed for the purchase of the first cows so that they can start their activities as soon as possible.

The purchase of a cow is 200 euros: a simple gesture to give effective and lasting help.


Ilaria Urbinati